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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Save money with Dish Network satellite TV !

This is a golden opportunity to save money with a highly demanded product - home entertainment with Dish network TV!

Thousands of people a day are looking to buy their own Direct Dish Network TV for home, RVs and boats.

This is a wonderful program that offers a tremendous value with free equipment for up to 4 rooms! and Direct Dish Network TV really is far better and cheaper than cable TV.

Enjoy all the TV you have been missing for far less than you expected.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save a fortune with very little work. This is a money saving opportunity you should not pass up.

Free Satellite TV!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mean SEO: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Having the greatest online store on the web or the best affiliate program means nothing if you can not get enough qualified targeted traffic coming to your web site.

It is a proven fact that the most productive new customer traffic you can get to your web site is through Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN and a host of smaller engines.

Search engine traffic can be broken down into 3 main categories:

  • Organic or natural search engine results: Your website's description and link are displayed in the Search Engines results Page (SERP) for free.
  • Paid inclusion: You pay for a listing in the directory with no guarantee of where your site will show up
  • Pay per click (or per thousand clicks) Your text ad or banner is displayed along with the search engine results

All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but marketing and search engine experts all agree that well placed organic search engine results convert far better than any other search engine marketing technique.

Of course since organic search engine results work so well and are "free" they are the most sought ever and the most competitive area of the internet. The techniques and methods that can rocket you to the top of the Search Engine results one month, can get you banned by the search engines the next month if you do not keep on top of what the search engines are doing on an almost daily basis which is why you either have to outsource your search engine marketing and optimization or you have to stay on top of the industry and use the best tools available.

Whether you do your own search engine work or hire a qualified top notch search engine professional, if done right, it is worth any investment in time and monies you put into your search engine marketing.

Mean SEO: Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

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MeanCash: Website for Webmaster Tools

Mean Cash has become a respected and trusted name for thousands of online marketers, affiliates and webmasters since it's inception in 2001. Like most businesses, it started out small and as a byproduct of another venture.

When 2 executives from a company who specialized in surplus packaging were looking to entire an entire new market, they decided to research the industry by attending a trade show for this new industry.

MeanCash: Website for webmasters, free tools, links, software

Not only did they find out that the new product they were looking to introduce into this new industry was a home run, one of the executives who previously was in the computer software industry in the 70's and 80's, saw the tremendous potential of some niches in the blossoming - make that exploding - internet world.

Lots of poor quality information was out there and industry leaders and marketers and indeed consumers were just not computer savvy enough to see through the spam that was being served up as steak.

Some companies foolishly aligned themselves with some of these cyberpirates and inadvertently destroyed their reputation by counting on the gullibility of surfers and search engines. Some made tremendous short term profit through spammy web pages, embedded spyware and viruses, and a host of other deceitful and dishonest business practices.

What started out as a small website with free resources for internet techies has blossomed into a thriving business, and due to honest business practices and long term thinking, has grown by leaps and bounds.

Mean Cash is about to go through another dramatic metamorphosis and will shortly be moving all of its resource information to one of its spin off sites Mean Mean Cash will become the umbrella site encompassing a myriad of both online and offline businesses: search engine optimization and marketing, distribution of packaging components, web site design, specialized software for webmasters and designers, and affiliate programs.

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