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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sorry No Comment...

Unfortunately with all of the spam we have to deal with on a daily basis with all of our sites, you can no longer post comments to this or any of our other blogs without them being moderated

As long as you do not spam or post obscene material we welcome all comments and suggestions and will post all of them whether we agree with them or not.

So many spam and scam emails pour into our inboxes every day, we built My Crap Mail dot COM and list may of the culprits and expose the scams> We have also instituted an extremely strict spam policy. We are sorry to take such drastic measures but a few unreasonable people have forced us to make this move.

On a last note, in order to keep our mail system from being overloaded by mountains of spam we use Spam Blocker Pro.

Spam Blocker Pro

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